TODD KINSLEY is an experienced audio content provider for video games, media, and themed attractions. Todd has been working full-time as a Sound Designer and Composer for over a decade. He has created original music and sound design for a variety of interactive titles (including over 100 video slot machine & casino games).  Todd has almost equal experience as an on-site or remote employee.

Outside of games, Todd has worked on a variety of projects.  In the area of media, he has created complete audio content for multiple YouTube channels/shows.  He has also composed theme songs for multiple channels.

In the area of themed attractions Todd got to walk on the dark side and create original music and sound design for a seasonal haunted attraction called Dark Realms.

One of Todd's latest projects is researching, writing, co-hosting, recording, editing, and promoting a podcast called "Super Sci-Fi Party".

 Todd holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in audio/video production from Central Michigan University, and he currently works out of his home recording studio in Michigan.

recording studio

TODD KINSLEY works out of his custom home recording studio in Michigan.  The main digital audio workstation is built around a Mac computer running Pro Tools and Logic Pro.